Releasing the Colu Dashboard (Beta) and SDK explorer

Today we are releasing two new tools.

First, we present the colu dashboard, a central place to view, issue and manage all your assets. Secondly, we added an SDK explorer, designed to ease and streamline the workflow of developers that are using our SDK.

Colu Dashboard

The dashboard, as the name suggests, is your central location for viewing and managing digital assets.

Using the dashboard you can:

  • See an overview of your assets status
  • Inspect transactions that involve any of your assets
  • Issue and send assets
  • Create and manage asset templates
  • Customize your mobile app to better match your brand
Colu Dashboard.png

We believe the Colu Dashboard is going to make asset management easier, smoother and more fun.

SDK Explorer

The SDK explorer is designed for developers that are building colored coins application using our SDK. For each of the methods supported by the SDK, the explorer displays a simple form  where the developer can easily fill in method parameters.


In an adjacent tab, the developer can view (and edit) the auto-generated code snippet using a live code editor.

A “TRY IT” button allows the developer to run the code from the explorer and view the results. We believe the new SDK explorer will greatly increase developer productivity and satisfaction. We hope you like it.