Few thoughts about Bitcoin 2.0

As consumers, we've been evolving over the last couple decades in how we access the things we care about. It used to be that we'd hand over cash or a credit card to pay for something, a clerk would have check our IDs and then we'd get a receipt.

We'd also share things by passing photos around or changing music CD’s with each other.

Then we moved to being able to buy things online where we'd type in our credit card info, type in a password and then when we understood we need better security we started use and copy changing token numbers from our 2 factor authentication apps. When we were done with the action the website would have asked us to checkout our inbox for our receipt and shipping information.

Now we're starting to share photos by bumping our Android phones and paying for the groceries with Apple Pay or Bitcoins.

But each of these behaviors is pretty limited to functions like financial transactions or sharing content or getting access to an important document in your cloud provider folder that could be hacked any time.

What we envision and are working on is developing a platform and consumer app that more broadly takes advantage of those simple behaviors we're developing and provides the secure validation and access to your things and purchases.

Bitcoin 2.0 and Colored Coins technology is just part of our behaviour evolution, COLU platfrom is the bridge between the technology and our everyday use that will enable a broader key and confirmation of who you are across all these things and experiences.  

Our team started ColoredCoins.org back at 2013 and is going to support the open source code and communitiy.

You are welcome to read my last blog that describe the process and evolution of Colored Coins standard.

Stay tuned!