Releasing the Colu Dashboard (Beta) and SDK explorer

Today we are releasing two new tools.

First, we present the colu dashboard, a central place to view, issue and manage all your assets. Secondly, we added an SDK explorer, designed to ease and streamline the workflow of developers that are using our SDK.

Colu Dashboard

The dashboard, as the name suggests, is your central location for viewing and managing digital assets.

Using the dashboard you can:

  • See an overview of your assets status
  • Inspect transactions that involve any of your assets
  • Issue and send assets
  • Create and manage asset templates
  • Customize your mobile app to better match your brand
Colu Dashboard.png

We believe the Colu Dashboard is going to make asset management easier, smoother and more fun.

SDK Explorer

The SDK explorer is designed for developers that are building colored coins application using our SDK. For each of the methods supported by the SDK, the explorer displays a simple form  where the developer can easily fill in method parameters.


In an adjacent tab, the developer can view (and edit) the auto-generated code snippet using a live code editor.

A “TRY IT” button allows the developer to run the code from the explorer and view the results. We believe the new SDK explorer will greatly increase developer productivity and satisfaction. We hope you like it.



For those of you who have been following us, we’ve tied up together some big fresh announcements and releases that kept us busy in the past few months.

Colu Dashboard - Digital Assets Control Panel
All you need to manage your smart digital assets in one place.

The Dashboard is a powerful tool designed to enable everyone to issue and manage digital assets in a quick simple way. 
By wrapping the API/SDK functionalities with an easy, user friendly interface, we aimed to create the first control panel for digital assets that could be used as easily by developers or non-developers equally. The Dashboard users will be able to create assets with pre-set templates for different use cases as: securities, tickets and digital currencies, or to create their own customized templates. Once assets are issued, the issuer will be able to manage their distribution, track them, analyze the asset’s usage and obtain API keys to operate the asset’s programmatically.

Moreover, developers who wish to create their own white-label mobile wallet for their assets, will be able to do so by creating a tailor made and branded mobile app in just few clicks.

*We are slowly onboarding users, you can register at our website to the waiting list and receive an invite very soon.

Live Demo on Money 20/20
13 years old developed a smart lock using blockchain technology

We were super excited towards Money 20/20 and wanted to present something special for that occasion. 
During the past summer, we hosted a 13 years old developer, Jonathan Ohayon, who was intrigued by blockchain technology. Jonathan has decided to spend his summer vacation at our offices, and after introducing him to our platform, he started to work on his own private project - a blockchain based smart lock. Within only a month, he was able to execute his vision into a real life working product that we now use at our offices, and today we were proud to invite him to present his concept on the stage with us. 

How It works
Learn about the different use cases and our technology stack

As blockchain technology keeps providing us with massive number of headlines, we saw more and more people, developers and companies seeking for information and guidance on what they can build using that technology. That is why we have decided to create a new “Learn” section, in order to showcase different applications businesses could build using the Colu platform.
We invite you all to learn more about our technology and see how you can leverage blockchain technology to your needs.
Click here to go to the new learn section

Integrations & Partnerships
Entering blockchain technology into new markets

It’s been 3 months since we’ve launched our platform, and we can proudly say we have today more than 20 integrations. 
It is fascinating to see how blockchain technology could be applied by different companies building different applications. We are following that diverse variety and are excited to discover the many use cases we haven’t even thought about. 

Here are some of our latest partnerships and collaborations:

Deloitte - as from today, we are officially collaborating with Deloitte. By joint efforts, we will bring blockchain technology into big new markets.

Warranteer - who are aimed to turn products warranties, like GoPro and LG, to digital E-warranties. This will keep warranties up-to-date and easily transferable - more information will be released soon.

Bitt - this partnership is an amazing opportunity to bring a global financial access to more than 200K unbanked citizens using a blockchain based “Caribbean Dollar”. 


Blockchain technology is slowly but steadily gaining more tractions and adoption, but it's yet to prove its real value for consumers and the companies that use it. 
We’ve been watching this slow rate of growth and interest, and are very excited to be in front line with a full end-to-end platform ready to be used by everyone. 

Moving to New Office

Start ups!
You know how it is… 
You have an idea, you get some funding, you start to expend, and one day one finds himself sharing the same small space he started in with 12 more team members...

We are excited to say we have moved into new offices!
Located in the center of Tel-Aviv where the restaurants are great and the people even better.

Since we found our moving experience share the same qualities as initiating a start up, we decided to present you our showcase: 


This is also a good opportunity to say we are looking for more great talents to join COLU's development team (must be IL based).

Senior Product Manager

  • 4+ years of product management experience
  • Well versed in agile product development methodologies e.g. writing user stories
  • Experience working across multiple business and technical groups, such as engineering, business development, marketing, customer support, sales and finance
  • Experience working with mobile technologies as well as Back-end engines and APIs
  • Excellent oral, written and communication skills
  • Ability to balance business and technical priorities
  • Willingness to work in a fast paced environment within a fast changing industry

Nice to Have

  • A software engineering background or education
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain technology experience

Server Side Developer

  • Node.js - minimum one year experience
  • Back-end web development
  • Building web Restful API / SDK
  • Experience with data bases (MongoDB and SQL)

Nice to Have

  • Cryptography experience
  • Distributed algorithms
  • Bitcoin/ Crypto currencies experience
  • Experience working with Bitcoin 2.0 technology

Send us your CV's




    Meet COLU’s Talents

    We had some new talents coming to COLU lately, and we thought a proper introduction with our new digital assets is required. Meet our developing team that is going to master like no other:

    Expertise: CTO
    My COLU Experience: When a good idea and great minds who think alike meet, amazing things happen. 
    If I was Satoshi Nakamoto: I would have trouble spelling my own name

    Expertise: Head development of algorithm design 
    My COLU Experience: When my schedule is booked with costume party and BBQ hang outs I know I’m in the right place. Moreover, our first acquisition here was 
    a Sony Playstation - love it! 
    If I was Satoshi Nakamoto: I would name my dog Blockchain!
    Expertise: Server side engineer.
    On top of that I operate as  a full stack developer and the DevOps manager… 
    In my spare time I fix my mom’s computer... 
    My COLU Experience: I was the first ever employee!
    I was literally in the building while the founding team decided to start COLU, so it was no brainer for me, to come work with people I can learn so much from and while doing what I love, win win!
    If I was Satoshi Nakamoto: I would reveal myself and demand my Nobel prize in Economics!

    Expertise: Android Developer
    My COLU Experience: with COLU, I truly see a more secured future

    If I was Satoshi Nakamoto: I would replace GOD

    Expertise: iOS developer with zero tolerance for out of place pixels
    My COLU Experience: World class team, and a great opportunity to take part of a core bitcoin technology
    If I was Satoshi Nakamoto: I’d feed Africa

    Expertise: UI/UX flow and implementation.
    Eyal’s hobby is solving challenging obstacles while designing new systems, and creating tools that work efficiently and effectively.

    My COLU Experience: It is a privilege to take part in developing a cutting edge technology that will affect everyday life.
    If I was Satoshi Nakamoto: I would buy an island and create a utopia based on bitcoin

    Few thoughts about Bitcoin 2.0

    As consumers, we've been evolving over the last couple decades in how we access the things we care about. It used to be that we'd hand over cash or a credit card to pay for something, a clerk would have check our IDs and then we'd get a receipt.

    We'd also share things by passing photos around or changing music CD’s with each other.

    Then we moved to being able to buy things online where we'd type in our credit card info, type in a password and then when we understood we need better security we started use and copy changing token numbers from our 2 factor authentication apps. When we were done with the action the website would have asked us to checkout our inbox for our receipt and shipping information.

    Now we're starting to share photos by bumping our Android phones and paying for the groceries with Apple Pay or Bitcoins.

    But each of these behaviors is pretty limited to functions like financial transactions or sharing content or getting access to an important document in your cloud provider folder that could be hacked any time.

    What we envision and are working on is developing a platform and consumer app that more broadly takes advantage of those simple behaviors we're developing and provides the secure validation and access to your things and purchases.

    Bitcoin 2.0 and Colored Coins technology is just part of our behaviour evolution, COLU platfrom is the bridge between the technology and our everyday use that will enable a broader key and confirmation of who you are across all these things and experiences.  

    Our team started back at 2013 and is going to support the open source code and communitiy.

    You are welcome to read my last blog that describe the process and evolution of Colored Coins standard.

    Stay tuned!